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Korean Style Soy Garlic Wings are fried chicken perfection, hitting well all correct flavour notes. They're sweet and moist, and they all go great with any meal. It also incorporates a few of my favourite Asian flavour combinations, like soy sauce, ginger, and garlic. This magical trio provides a no-fail foundation for marinades or sauces. These chicken wings are cooked double for optimum crispy before being drizzled with a sticky soy garlic coating. Eat these wonderful garlic soy wings as just a starter or even with rice as a main course. Delicious!

So Korean Fried Chicken consists of a variety type of fried chicken meals, and not just one dish. As a result, they each have distinct names, although the spicy and soy garlic are the most popular. Either variations equally wonderful in their own taste, and both have two separate methods of producing a certain meal, much like create pizza. I mean if you bring this dish to a party, I guarantee everybody will admire you.

This one is my fave so far, where it just a gently battered but pleasantly chewy yet crispy skin and coated in soy sauce and topped with toasted sesame seeds, and I bet you'll be in paradise. Here I will guide you how to make this chicken wings that you can find just about in every corner of Korea. Here are some steps below that you will need pay attention,


If you enjoy Korean chicken wings, you'll enjoy these Garlic Soy flavour. They're full of depth of taste, and they're becoming popular nowadays.

This dish is nutritious because they are made with fresh ingredients and also simple to prepare. It all begins with wings that have been patted lightly and sprinkled with a flour mix. Because I like crispy skin, in this recipe the wings are gonna be double-fried to crunchy. Then, with a little sweet and a lot of ginger and garlic makes it impossible to avoid!

This double-frying technique delivers ultra-crispy chicken wings that are as good or even better than takeaway one.


They are defined by two characteristics. For one thing, they are generally extremely crunchy, having been cooked double to produce that look. Second, they have a quite light to much less coating/batter, that allows the skin can become incredibly crispy, resulting in a cleaner and far less greasy fried chicken.

Read more about The Secret of Making Crispy Skin Fried Chicken now!


  • Chicken Wings

  • Corn-starch

  • Garlic

  • Light Soy Sauce

  • Brown Sugar

  • Ginger

  • See more on full recipe


To make these delectable Garlic Soy Chicken Wings, which are wonderful as a starter or an entree dinner, you should first prepare the ingredients.

  1. Preheat the oil. In a saucepan, heat enough oil.

  2. Coated all chicken wings with seasoning ingredients and flour. Rub each chicken with salt and pepper before dredging in corn-starch.

  3. Fry the wings. Deep fried chicken wings in batches until thoroughly done. Drain excess oil on a tray topped with wire rack. Set aside the oil in the pan for a second the fry later. Allow the chicken to rest, cool and dry.

  4. Make the glaze. Mix all of the sauce ingredients in a separate saucepan. Heat over low temperature, whisking constantly, till the sugar is completely melted.

  5. Thicken the sauce. Combine corn-starch and 3 tablespoons of the soy-garlic sauce in a bowl, and whisked. Then put back and gently mix it all to the pan and stir well enough to thicken the sauce as a glaze.

  6. Re-fry chicken. Heat it up the oil and immediately fry the chicken again in hot oil for 12 to 15 minutes, just until nicely browned and extremely crispy as similar to what you'd get at a restaurant. Then, drained the oil and place it back again on a wire rack.

  7. Glazed the wings. In a large bowl, add all the wings and sauce. Then toss it well to even out glaze.

  8. Served it with sprinkle toasted sesame seeds, don’t forget warm rice and enjoy!


The secret to producing high quality wing sauce is to thicken it so that it holds to the wings. I boost enhance the richness by using more garlic and ginger. The outcome is a delicious blend of sweetness, savoury, and hearty umami sensations.


Although it is better to eat your Wings right away, But sometimes you could have extras that probably you want to keep for afterwards. So in this scenario, place them in a food air-tight container and kept in the refrigerator.

Tossing them into an air fryer is the greatest way to warm them without losing the quality. But if you don't have it, you can simply reheat the wings inside the oven for a few minutes.


What can you pair with the Garlic Soy Chicken Wings? I mean you do have lot of choices. These wings go well with a bowl of white rice.

If you prefer something with less carbohydrates, cauliflower rice seems to be an alternative. Aside from them, these wings work well with fries, potato skins, even with a fresh salad. You may turn your wings as a side for your dinner.

In Korean culture, it usually served with Korean pickled radish as well as a salad similar to slaw. Also rice with fresh sour spicy kimchi, like I did.

Fry additional garlic individually and use as a condiment for more garlic richness. Crispy garlic is almost always delicious!

If you don't really want the soy glazing, you actually can use whatever sauce you like, buffalo wings sauce, or simply sprinkle with a bit extra salt and eat them straight. It is also quite incredible too.

If you like fried chicken, you definitely recommend trying my buffalo chicken wings recipe.

I nearly forget, since I'm really excited to eat it, that every piece should always be accompanied by those fine strips of scallions. It lightens the dish, provides additional fresh, and helps the chicken taste healthier rather than fatty. I mean, literally it isn't just a decoration, it's an essential part, so give it a shot!


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